2019 Annual Report


Building Blocks of a Healthy Community

I am very pleased to present the 2019 Medina County Health Department Annual Report. The focus this year is a spotlight on partnerships in the community; these are the building blocks of a healthy community. I cannot tell you how many times I hear the phrase “I did not know the Health Department was involved with that project.” I believe it is said because, as an agency, we do not often promote the depth of our involvement with projects. Honestly, a significant amount of our work is done outside our four walls, and that is important because it keeps us in touch with the concerns and needs of Medina County.

I recognize that there are challenges that face our residents that are not health specific but which affect the ability of a person to be healthy. It is important to me that the Health Department work with others to address these challenges by bringing data, staff resources, meeting space, and best practices to the table. None of us can tackle these alone. From opiate addiction to limited transportation options to food insecurity, it takes partnerships to address these issues for our county.

This report highlights a few health department projects done throughout last year to improve the health of our communities, to mobilize and strengthen community partnerships, and to ensure that we, as a public health agency, are continuously working to improve the quality of life of those who live in, work in, or visit Medina County. I am proud of the team approach that we have both within our agency and among our many community partners in the protection and improvement of health in our county. This level of commitment is an example of why Medina is an amazing county. I am proud that your Medina County Health Department is an active partner and that we are all working together to prevent disease, assure a healthful environment, prolong life, and promote well-being for the citizens of Medina County.

As always, I welcome your feedback and encourage you to learn more about all that your local health department is doing for you at medinahealth.org

Krista R. Wasowski, LSW, MPH
Health Commissioner