2020 Annual Report

Navigating the COVID-19 Pandemic

I am very pleased to present the 2020 Medina County Health Department Annual Report. The focus this year is around the coronavirus pandemic and the Health Department’s response in managing the crisis. This report provides a snapshot of the timeline of events, from fear of the unknown invader up to the first days of vaccine distribution and to brighter days ahead.

The events of this year were certainly unprecedented. I don’t think anyone could have anticipated all that would unfold. Speaking on behalf of my team at the Health Department, we thank everyone in Medina County for adjusting their lives, supporting small businesses, and helping others in need as we’ve navigated through the year together.

In addition to our efforts working through the pandemic, normal Health Department functions continued. It was important for us to serve the community through our regular services and also address the new challenges that arose this year. Modifications were made by both our staff and the public in collaboration to make this happen.

The use of technology allowed us to maintain involvement with community partners through online meetings. WIC and our Environmental Division adapted their services by offering car-side support and conducted appointments over the phone. The Health Center installed protective barriers to safely continue to see patients. Our team continued to work with the Ohio Department of Health on grant management to provide important programming and support for the community. And so much more.

It is a privilege to be your Health Commissioner but also to be a resident of this great county. I feel fortunate to live and work amongst friends who are committed to supporting and lifting one another up during times of crisis.

As always, I welcome your feedback and encourage you to learn more about all your local health department is doing for you at medinahealth.org.

Krista R. Wasowski, LSW, MPH
Health Commissioner