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The Board consists of seven members who are appointed for staggered six-year terms, one appointment changing each year.  All members must reside within the Health District and may not hold elected office.  At least one board member must be a physician, licensed to practice medicine in the State of Ohio.  The Board of Health has quasi-judicial authority and is the policy-making body for the Health District.  It has authority to adopt rules and regulations, which have the status of law.  The Board must meet at least once each month and may hold as many special meetings as it deems necessary.

The City Councils of Brunswick, Medina and Wadsworth each directly appoint one member.  The District Advisory Council meets yearly on the first Monday of March to receive reports and appoint a Board of Health member in accordance with Ohio Revised Code

One member is appointed by the Health District Licensing Council in accordance with Ohio Revised Code

Board Members

Mr. Todd Supeck

Board Chair
appointed by the District Advisory Council

Mr. Robert Romeyn

Board Vice-Chair
Appointed by the District Licensing Council

Mrs. Andrea Pallotta

City of Brunswick representative

Mr. Charles “Buck” Adams

City of Wadsworth representative


Appointee by the District Advisory Council

Dr. Thomas Lehner

MD  Physician
Appointee by the District Advisory Council

Mr. Tom Jenkins

City of Medina representative