Newborn Home Visits

About the program

A newborn home visit is an opportunity for families to get peace of mind and ask in-depth questions about the health and safety of their new baby. The visit is conducted by a public health nurse who is specially trained in working with families with new babies. Newborn home visits are free and are provided soon after the baby comes home from the hospital. To schedule a newborn home visit, please call 330-723-9688, option 2.

What the nurse will do:

Each visit is unique and focuses on the needs of the family. Some families may have lots of questions, and some families may just want reassurance. Every family receives the Welcome Home booklet. The visit may include:

  • Assessing your baby’s weight, development and general health
  • Assisting with any of your health needs or concerns
  • Providing information about breastfeeding and feeding support
  • Providing education about health, development, and safety
  • Linking your family to helpful programs and resources
  • Scheduling follow-up visits if additional support or information is needed or requested
  • Car seat safety installation

How we can help

Newborn home visits provide peace of mind during the exciting, but challenging first few weeks of parenthood.  Newborn home visits are proven to increase parents’ knowledge about caring for an infant and promote healthy family behaviors.

Who is eligible for visits

Visits are available for all Medina county families with new babies.  These visits are provided FREE.