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As a public health agency, the Health Department is responsible for investigating and abating the public health nuisances that are reported to us.  We annually receive several hundred calls and complaints from private citizens and others about suspected nuisances, which can include sewage, water, food, solid waste, tires, rodents, animal manure, and insects.

Animal owners can avoid a nuisance situation by practicing proper management of pet manure. Click here for more information on handling animal waste.

In order for us to investigate nuisances, it is the policy of the Board of Health that a written, signed complaint be filed with the Health Department. Anonymous complaints are not accepted, except for those concerning the following programs: Food Safety (restaurant), Vending, Retail Food Establishments, Swimming Pools and Spas, Campgrounds, Tattoo and Body Piercing shops, and Schools.

Complaints filed with the Health Department are public records and are available to the public upon request during our regular business hours. Confidentiality of individuals submitting complaints cannot be guaranteed. Click here for the nuisance complaint form that needs to be completed and submitted to initiate an investigation.

Below are links to other agencies for the issues we cannot address: