The Health Department conducts the Solid & Infectious Waste programs as an approved health district by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). These programs include the licensing and inspection of facilities in Medina County that handle solid and infectious wastes, using the Ohio EPAs regulations in Ohio Administrative Code Chapters 3745-27 and 3745-400.

Solid Waste Facilities include:

  • Transfer Stations (where residential trash and municipal solid waste are taken before final disposal) There are two such facilities in Medina County – one in Wadsworth, and one at the Medina County Solid Waste Districts Central Processing Facility on Lake Road in Westfield Township.
  • Compost Facilities (where primarily yard, agricultural, and animal wastes are processed through composting) These facilities include four classes recognized by the Ohio EPA:  Class I (accepts mixed solid waste, food waste, and yard waste); Class II (accepts yard waste, animal wastes, and other wastes by approval); Class III (accepts yard waste and/or animal wastes); and Class IV (accepts only yard waste). There are currently 7 Compost Facilities in Medina County – one Class I facility (the only one in Ohio), one Class II facility (deer carcass composting by ODOT), one Class III facility, and four Class IV facilities.
  •  Construction & Demolition Disposal (C&DD) Facilities (where building materials – wood, drywall, concrete, etc. – from construction and demolition activities are taken for disposal by landfilling)  There are presently no C&DD facilities in Medina County.

Infectious Waste Facilities include:

  • Infectious Waste Treatment Facilities (where infectious wastes are treated by chemical means, autoclaving, or incineration) There are presently none of these facilities operating in Medina County.
  • Generators of Infectious Waste Facilities (where infectious wastes are generally stored on-site.) These facilities are sub-divided into two groups – Large Generators (those generating more than 50 pounds in a month); and Small Generators (those generating less than 50 pounds in a month). Such facilities include hospitals, doctor and dentist offices, tattoo and body piercing establishments, or other places that generate infectious waste as defined in the Ohio EPA regulations. There are fifty of these facilities registered by the Ohio EPA in Medina County.

Proper Disposal of Prescription Drugs

Residents will be able to get rid of their unused medication in the following townships when their local police stations are open:

  • Brunswick Division of Police: 4095 Center Road, Brunswick, Ohio 44212
  • Brunswick Hills Township Police Department: 505 Substation Road, Brunswick, Ohio 44212
  • Cleveland Clinic Medina Hospital: 1000 E. Washington Stree, Medina, Ohio 44251
  • Hinckley Township Police Department: 1410 Ridge Road, Hinckley, Ohio 44233
  • Lodi Police Department: 110 Ainsworth Street, Lodi, Ohio 44254
  • Medina County Sherriffs Office: 555 Independence Drive, Medina, Ohio 44256
  • Medina Township Police Department: 3801 Huffman Road, Medina, Ohio 44256
  • Montville Township Police Department: 6665 Wadsworth Road, Medina, Ohio 44256
  • Seville Police Department: 120 Royal Crest Drive, Seville, Ohio 44273
  • Spencer Police Department: 109 North Main Street, Spencer, Ohio, 44275
  • Wadsworth Police Department: 120 Maple Street, Wadsworth, Ohio 44281
  • Westfield Police Department: 6701 Greenwich Road, Westfield Center, Ohio, 44251

At any time of the day (24/7) residents can drop off their unused medications at boxes in Medina Township and Hinckley Township
Inspections of Solid & Infectious Waste Facilities are conducted to assure compliance with the applicable Ohio EPA regulations for these facilities, and according to the inspection frequencies established by the Ohio EPA:  Quarterly for Transfer Stations, Class I and Class II Compost Facilities, and Infectious Waste Treatment Facilities; and annually for Class III and IV Compost Facilities. Infections Waste Generators are only inspected in response to a complaint, as the Ohio EPA only regulates segregation, management, storage, and treatment of Infectious Wastes.