Types of Testing: What’s the difference?

What Testing Does Medina County Health Department Offer?

  • PCR Testing: Call the Health Center at 330-723-9688, option 1
  • At-Home Test Kits available at the following locations:
      • Medina, Brunswick, Lodi, Buckeye, Highland, and Seville libraries
      • Please call ahead to request a Binax Kit.
  • At Home Test Kits available through the Health Department and Medina County libraries are facilitated through a virtual proctor. The proctor will guide you through the testing process and interpret test results. If you test positive, contact Medina County Health Department and begin isolation immediately.

Medina County Health Department currently offers testing for symptomatic individuals or those exposed to a positive case of COVID-19 only. We do not offer testing for travel purposes at this time.

Our medical providers can help determine what test is best for you.

COVID-19 Testing Basics

I Got Tested for COVID-19, Now What?

*The Medina County Health Department is providing the following information as a resource, keeping in mind that it is subject to change.