Report Your At Home COVID-19 Positive Test Here
This form is used to report a POSITIVE UNPROCTORED at home COVID-19 test. An unproctored COVID-19 test means that you did not use the app or telehealth visit associated with the at home COVID-19 test kit used. 

Types of Testing: What’s the difference?

What Testing Does Medina County Health Department Offer?

  • PCR Testing: Call the Health Center at 330-723-9688, option 1
  • Medina County Health Department currently offers testing for symptomatic individuals or those exposed to a positive case of COVID-19 only. We do not offer testing for travel purposes at this time. We do not have at-home test kits available. At-home test kits are available at the following library locations: Medina, Brunswick, Lodi, Buckeye, Highland, and Seville. Please contact your local library for more information.

Helpful Testing Resources for Businesses:

  • – a modeling tool that illustrates how different COVID-19 testing strategies can minimize spread and sustain safe workplaces. Organizations can use toggling functions for different parameters, including levels of vaccination among employees, masking, social distancing and cohorting to determine a testing strategy based on the best available science.
  • Connect to Test– a tool that helps organizations and individuals find the right COVID-19 tests for their unique needs. Connect to Test allows users to answer a few questions about their testing needs, and to receive options of FDA-authorized tests that meet the criteria.
  • Project N95– maintains up-to-date information and purchasing options for different testing modalities and testing providers currently offering or performing COVID-19 testing. The site also provides educational resources to help organizations implement testing programs. Project N95 is a 501(C)(3) that is not affiliated with any specific test manufacturer or seller.

COVID-19 Testing Basics

I Got Tested for COVID-19, Now What?

*The Medina County Health Department is providing the following information as a resource, keeping in mind that it is subject to change.