Safe Workplace

The following are resources to assist in maintaining a safe workplace

Helpful Testing Resources for Businesses:

  • When to Test– a modeling tool that illustrates how different COVID-19 testing strategies can minimize spread and sustain safe workplaces. Organizations can use toggling functions for different parameters, including levels of vaccination among employees, masking, social distancing and cohorting to determine a testing strategy based on the best available science.
  • Connect to Test– a tool that helps organizations and individuals find the right COVID-19 tests for their unique needs. Connect to Test allows users to answer a few questions about their testing needs, and to receive options of FDA-authorized tests that meet the criteria.
  • Project N95– maintains up-to-date information and purchasing options for different testing modalities and testing providers currently offering or performing COVID-19 testing. The site also provides educational resources to help organizations implement testing programs. Project N95 is a 501(C)(3) that is not affiliated with any specific test manufacturer or seller.

COVID-19 Vaccination Program for Businesses and Organizations


Responsible Restart Ohio Recommendations for safely conducting business. Additional information can be found at Sector Specific Operating Requirements

Cleaning and Sanitation Resources

Family and Economic Resources

Downloadable Facility Signage

General Signage

Downloadable CDC COVID-19 Resources